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God of Magic is quite a peculiar RPG where you play a God of Magic who has to help a young wizard apprentice. You have to advise him at all times and make decisions that definitively affect the development of the story. And as an added bonus, you get to participate in several minigames.

The gameplay is really simple: Volar, the wizard apprentice, keeps you updated on what’s happening in his surroundings at all times. You can read his descriptions and advise him on what to do during some critical moments.

Usually, you can to play one of the four minigames after you’ve made a difficult decision. As you overcome the challenges, you can also upgrade Voltar’s skills – which is pretty useful considering you want him to become a great wizard.

God of Magic is an RPG that offers quite a unique and fun concept, amazing visuals, and a super interesting story. The best part is that when you finish the main story, you can unlock additional ones.
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Android 4.0.3 or greater is required

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