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Yelp is a useful application where thousands of users share their favorite shops around them, giving you a clear idea of nearby places that suit your tastes.

With Yelp, you can see which restaurant to eat at, where to get gas, and which specific shop is open near your location.

The app maps all nearby shops that match the characteristics you're looking for, and lets you access all their information just by tapping their name.

You can access basic information such as the address and phone number, as well as comments from other users, along with any added pictures and user ratings.

This gives you an idea of what that restaurant you've been wanting to go to is really like, or lets you check out that hotel whose website you don't completely trust.

Other appeals of this app are that you can find great deals and discounts you wouldn't get otherwise, and also tick shops as favorites if you want to go back soon.

It's a really useful tool if you want to go somewhere new but don't know where. Explore places by categories and view pictures of each site to make your decision based on which looks better or has the best score.

Create your own lists of bars, and give your comments on all the places you visit to help other users like you find their new fave spot.
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