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BackTrack Linux is a Linux distribution created and made to serve as a tool for all of those that dedicate themselves to subjects of computer science safety, especially the safety for networks.

You don't have to be startled. Although one can think that BackTrack exists of a line of commands where only the experts are capable of getting something in the clear, the work environment and the access to the tools are very similar to those you can find in other distributions. In fact, BackTrack has KDE as a desktop environment and you can even opt to install GNOME if you feel more comfortable using it.

The safety tools can also be found in other distributions (does Wireshark or Aircrack ring a bell?). All the tools are correctly classified and arranged in categories in the main application menu, according to the utility they offer: compilation of information, study of vulnerability, detection of exploits, safety analysis in networks, etc.

BackTrack Linux can be used in Live mode, what even makes it more attractive because you can use it wherever you go while recording the ISO image on a DVD.
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