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6.0.7 (64-bit)

An excellent P2P download client for Linux





In the absence of such well-known P2P clients like Ares or Kazaa Lite, GNU/Linux users choices have been limited when it comes to sharing their files online.

Luckily, Frostwire, which uses the Gnutella network, offers a great way to share and download files with other users on the network. Also, FrostWire supports the downloading of files using the BitTorrent protocol.

Also included is a file search by type, an embedded player, fast download speeds and an improved search engine for file sources.

And if you were wondering why Frostwire bears some resemblance to LimeWire, you are right. The programme is based on the Limewire source code, and enhances and adds more features to what is already a veteran P2P client.

Architecture: i586

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