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Photo Uploader for Facebook


Upload your photos to Facebook and much more





Although you may think you know what Photo Uploader for Facebook is all about, if you give it a try you'll find that uploading photos to Facebook is just one of the many functions it can perform.

Photo Uploader for Facebook works with Adobe Air, so it's possible to run it in Linux, Windows, or Mac. It connects to Facebook through its API, directing the site to obtain the necessary permissions.

Photo Uploader for Facebook gives you the ability to use Facebook's most common features: you can check your timeline, comment and 'like' posts, look at profiles, check events, send private messages, see your friend list, organize groups, chat with contacts and, of course, upload photos in a simple, easy manner.

The program also includes a quick view mode to see the latest news from your friends without having to load the complete interface.

Requires [url=]Adobe Air Linux[/url].

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