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We all know that Facebook is the most popular and well-known social network in the world, and that one of its latest features has revolutionized social network communication: Facebook Messenger.

Imitating the idea behind programs like MSN Messenger or Google Talk, Facebook is hoping that its chat will be one of the principle means of communication between its users and a step beyond private messages.

Normally, in order to talk to our Facebook friends through the chat feature, we need to log on to Facebook, something that isn't always convenient, especially when we have an urgent message to send and we don't want to wait for the website to load, to log in, and to search for the person we want to talk to.

Pidgin Facebook is a plugin from the instant messenger client Pidgin that allows us to chat with our Facebook friends directly from our desktop, just like with any other instant messenger.

We barely notice any difference between using chat with Facebook or with other networks like MSN. Pidgin's interface stays the same and our contacts are listed in the same way as before. We even have the possibility of linking contacts from different social networks and accounts to create one single, unified contact list.

The only thing we have to do is create a new profile with Pidgin and enter our Facebook login information, connecting us quickly, effectively, and securely.

If you usually use Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Pidgin Facebook is an ideal complement.

Architecture: i386

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