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9 (32-bit)

An operating system for Windows exiles





Zorin OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu whose main feature is the option to customize your desktop to make it look like other operating systems. Thus you can transform its interface and integrate a task bar and a pop-up start menu that are practically identical to the ones used by Windows 7 and Windows XP.

The Core version of the operating system (there's also separate versions for students, for low-spec computers, and for businesses) includes all the basic tools you need for your Desktop, including Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, Thunderbird as the email client, LibreOffice as the office suite, and GIMP as the image editor, among many other pre-installed programs. And you can always add more later with the Ubuntu Software Center with all the functionalities you might want.

Insofar as its customization options go, the Zorin Look Changer lets you change the layout of the interface, while the Theme Changer modifies its appearance. It also includes all the usual customization options for the Ubuntu/GNOME desktop combo, meaning it has everything you'd expect from a free Linux distro with a familiar feel for those coming from desktop operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X.

Version 9 is based on Ubuntu LTS 14.04, so it has official support until 2019.

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