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Certificate for Moodle


Plugin for Moodle to generate certificates





Certificate is the name given to this module for Moodle, the teaching virtual platform, that allows you to generate diplomas for the pupils of ay course.

The Study certificates are fully customizable and you can insert logos, signatures, lines and effects.

The output format of the certificate is PDF so it can be easily printed on any computer. Choose if the certificate will be opened in other in a new window, e-mail it or download it automatically.

The diploma will feature the user name and the name of the course. Modify the text appearing on the certificate by accessing the settings of the module.

How to install Certificate for Moodle

Copy the files of the module into the MOD folder in Moodle.

This plugin is for Moodle 1.7. In order to support unicode characters you'll have to download this pack.

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