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This is one of the most powerful tools specialized in the management and control of internet centers, internet cafes, network gaming rooms, hotel connections, libraries, academies, schools, universities, etc.

Ciber Boss is a very flexible application that adapts itself to all of these businesses without giving up on simplicity and ease-of-use.

The software is designed as a client-server application, thus a computer that takes on the functions of logical server controls all the other computers that would be the 'clients'.

The basic mechanism is as follows: in the beginning client computers would be blocked: once the user decides to use a computer, the administrator sends a signal to the client computer from the computer that is functioning as the server, thus unblocking it so that the user can use it under certain conditions of rates, time, etc. If the user has a time bonus or a client account, he can automatically start the session on his own without intervention from the administrator.

The Ciber Boss system is thus made up of two different applications:

-Server program that you will download in this section's free or private link.
-Client program that you can get by clicking -> here

As to this system's capabilities, the list of tools is infinite... from remote turning off and restarting of the computers from the server, remote turning on of the computers through Wake On Lan, a data backup system for server issues, blackouts and energy failures, to precision in all time-related operations (alarms, user times, bonuses, recharges, etc) to the second.

It is one of the few programs in its category that incorporates print monitoring, remote management, tpv with stock and WOL control.


Fully operative, but only allows for the control of 2 client computers.

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