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Vista look in your XP, thanks to this well-known theme





Windows Vista is the name that Microsoft has given to its new Windows version.

It’s now more than two years since we installed the previous version of Vista Inspirat Bricopack and now we will be able to enjoy a new update, full of icons, themes and wallpapers which will delight your sight.

UpToDown shows you how it looks in your computer with this pack which runs under any version of Windows XP and it will modify the way you see your PC interface from the wallpaper to the smallest icon.

Vista Inspirat BricoPack includes a very huge number of icons and wallpapers and modify a lot of applications, such as Microsoft internet explorer or Outlook Express.

If you want to enjoy the new visual aspect of Windows vista but you don?t want to install the new OS, download Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 and enjoy it.
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