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The latest from Apache, PHP and MySQL in a single pack





Wamp Server, known previously as WAMP, is a complete pack similar to ’apachefriends’ that lets you install and easily configure the latest of the Web Apache server on your computer, the PHP programming language and the MYSQL database server.

The versions of these applications that it installs are the following: Apache 2.2.6, PHP5, MySQL database, PHPmyadmin y SQLitemanager.

But Wamp Server isn't just a program pack, this application installs an interface residing in the taskbar, that allows you to launch, supervise and stop the different services.

One of the advantages of using Wamp Server is that the installation modifies the configuration files (*.conf) with the path where the program will finally be located. It also creates a directory denominated 'www' that will be the root of all your documents.

An icon in the taskbar instantly indicates the state of the different services.
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